Latest Designer Sunglasses Trend 2012





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Since Spring right around the corner, sunglasses’ manufacturers like Police, Prada, Ray-Ban, and Oakley are putting out all the hot new styles, which will certainly be a fixture on the faces of young, trendsetters on the beach, soaking up the sun.


The last several seasons, large, oversized sunglasses have been all the rage. This season, the look gets an update with large, rounded frames. You can also find sunglasses from trendy designers in quirky shapes, including ovals, heart-shaped sunglasses, and oversized aviators. Cat-eye shaped sunglasses continue to be popular as well, especially with the ladies.


Gradient lens also figure to be a popular new addition to runways for Spring of 2012 and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. That means sunglasses with lenses that shift gradually from one color to another, usually a color like red and then shifting to black. You can find them in all sorts of striking shades like purple or blue, orange, or even yellow. This gives people who don’t like the look of super rounded frames the chance to still update their looks, as not everyone looks good in certain types of frames (you’ll want to find a pair of shades that compliment your face shape first and foremost).


Another popular trend for this season – contrast sunglasses. You’ll see white thick frames with red lenses, or black frames with a stark contrast to the lenses, such as yellow lenses. They’re fun and really allow the people wearing them to showcase their personalities, especially teens, college kids, and young adult 20-somethings.


Sporty sunglasses will continue to be popular among men and women, with Oakley continuing to be an industry leader. The same goes for Ray-Bans, which continue to gain popularity because of their distinct, effortlessly fashionable look. Often times people will reach for these over the boldly colorful, metallic-looking Oakleys, which tend to have the gradient look to the lenses.


Our pick? Oakleys tend to work better when you’re out in the sun, running, surfing, or skimming, whereas Ray-Bans work better during not-action activities. They’re more for “street-fashion” although they look great with swimwear.


The wayfarer look has been a classic tried-and-true winner. This look also gets an update, like other sunglasses, with more rounded and thicker frames. People are also moving towards more conservative colors that they can pair with anything and wear every day. When you have such a bold, striking frame, you don’t NEED to have bold colored frames to match. For kids, these fun colors, like red, yellow, and hot pink, add a fun, whimsical edge, but for an older, more mature crowd, the more contemporary colors are better.


All about Police Sunglasses

The eyewear giant De Rigo launched the police sunglasses on year 1980.Police sunglasses is the first branded collection of police sunglasses. The brand derived its name by being inspired by the design of the glasses.

When you refer glasses that with mirror lens, it’ll also referred to Police sunglasses as the glasses gained immense popularity among police officials. A police sunglass uses a special mirror coating on the lens so that the lens looks like a mirror.  The coating not only can make a special effect or the lens it can also further blocks the light from reaching the users eye and hence can be used while working in all climatic conditions.

The police style that launched to the market is always been sporty with casual edge which represents the typical Italian look. The frames designed to suit and flatter a wide range of face shapes. Most of the Police sunglasses are design to be unisex and hence they look great on both men and women.

Originally Police sunglasses is only targeting male customer but base on the growing popularity and appreciation among men and women, it has encouraged the company to launch its product for women also. However, Police sunglasses for women are not too women like and therefore it can go well with ladies who enjoy the tom boyish look.

Police gear manufacturers offer Police sunglasses that have been specially modified for police use. Some of the special features used in Police sunglass like lightweight, shatter proof, extra thick polycarbonate lens, low drag frame and provision for interchangeable lens make them very popular. Apart from this, the anti fragmentation sunglass with rugged frames have been made considering fashion trends of its users.