Prescription Lens With Gucci

Whether you are part of the world of high fashion or the average shopper, most of us are familiar with the name of Gucci. The House of Gucci, commonly referred to as Gucci, was begun in 1921 by Gucio Gucci in Florence, Italy. Gucci was known, during it early beginnings, for producing high quality leather goods such as high fashion luggage and shoes.

About the Company
During the 50’s and 60’s Gucci expanded their business, where it became famous for its line of fashionable clothing, jewelry and other accessories. Gucci, is now known worldwide, not only seen in the fashion houses, but products such as a Children’s line, cologne and Gucci prescription sunglasses which can be purchased in various retail stores, and online.

Most of us are very familiar with the old look of the wide, thick frames for sunglasses. As designs changed to be more fashionable, there are those who need more than a pair of the traditional sunglasses. Traditionally, those who have eyesight problems have been required to use a pair of the clip ons to cover their prescription eyeglasses.

Otherwise, there was the inconvenience of constantly changing back and forth between their eyeglasses and sunglasses. Through the years, eye wear designers have recognized the need for stylish, prescription sunglasses.

What Do You Want your Gucci Prescription Sunglasses For?
Those who are active in outdoor winter and summer sports and activities not only need protection from the sun’s UV rays, but protection from glare and debris from the elements as found with those who ski and snow board during the winter months. During the summer, after the skis are stored away, the skateboards and bicycles are put to use. When purchasing lenses our eyes need protection from not only UVA, but UVB rays as well.

The styles of frames or goggles will not only protect the eyes from glare which may impede our vision while driving or biking, but from other elements such as wind, and debris.

Tinting is also a popular choice for eyeglass wearers. Many choose the shade of tinting according to appearance, rather than the purpose. Gradient tinting, which has the darker tint at the top of the lens, and lightens as it graduates to the bottom, are perfect for driving. The shades of tints, and mirrored-coated lenses vary.
Knowing what the primary use of your sunglasses is going to be, will assist your skilled optician to assist you in making the right choice of lenses for you and your family. Gucci prescription sunglasses fit every need for your entire family, allowing you to be fashionable, and be able to have the appropriate lenses for eye protection from the harmful sun rays and glare.


Gucci Sunglasses Sale

Gucci Sunglasses Sale

One of the most sensational branded sales of all time. Gucci sunglasses are famous for their classy ribbon and distinct shapes with prominent logo on the side.