How To Choose Designer Sunglasses Base On The Shape Of Your Face

Sunglasses though worn for protection can also accentuate your features and give you a different look. Read on to find out your face structure and the kind of sunglasses that will suit your face.

Frame shapes according to your face

Oval Face- Oval face is considered perfect in terms of proportions and there is a long list of what kind of sunglasses will suit you. You will certainly not have any trouble at finding a suitable pair of sunglasses for yourself. Round, square, aviator shapes, oversized frames or any other styles will look good on you. You have the privilege of experimenting with any style and frame.

Oakley rimless sunglasses, Kirra, Serrengeti thin frames, Carrera large frames, Ray-Ban aviators, Dior are some sunglasses that will suit an oval face.

Round Face-To smoothen the roundness of your face and to make it look thinner and longer, you need to buy sunglasses that are angular like the square or rectangular frames. These frames will make your face look less round. If your face is round and small, then do not try too oversized frames.

Look for branded sunglasses like Fox Duncan, Gucci’s Square Red, Kirra Truth or Dare 2 range, and Grasshopper.

Heart-shaped Face-Heart shaped face have a broader forehead which narrows towards the chin. For a heart shaped face, you have to buy sunglasses of the same dimensions that is it should be wider at the top and tapering at the bottom like the aviator shapes, round and rectangular frames.

Branded sunglasses like Kirra (Thunder range), Ray-Ban Aviator – mirror aviator sunglasses, Butterfly, Retro Plaid Print are suitable for a heart shaped face.

Square Face-Square face has a wide forehead, broad cheekbones and a strong jawline. To soften the facial features like the forehead and the jawline, wear sunglasses that will draw attention towards your eyes. You should opt for sunglasses that sit high on your face like the retro sunglasses or Marilyn Monroe sunglasses, cat eyed sunglasses, round or curved sunglasses.

Branded sunglasses like the Jackie O Round, Gucci, Dior Round sunglasses 2010 collection, Oliver Zebra range in Kirra, Angle Frame sunglasses are some of the sunglasses that will suit a square face.

Why do you need sunglasses at all?

Designer Sunglasses come with a huge price tag but it is wise to have at least one in your accessory wardrobe. Not only they look good but they are ideal for protecting your eyes against dust particles, debris and wind. Constant exposure to dust particles can be really harmful to your eyes; it can cause permanent damage, eventually leading to loss of sight.

All you have to do is take good care of your sunglasses and be a little more cautious while handling it. Though branded sunglasses come with impact resistant lens that is resistant to scratch, smudges and stains, one should remember to wipe your sunglasses at the end of the day with a lens cleaning solution, after consulting an ophthalmologist. Make sure you get it right for that perfect look.


Rayban Sunglasses at Occhialis

Ray Ban sunglasses identification – Authentic Ray ban sunglasses VS Imitation Ray ban sunglasses

1)      Packaging

Authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      Box should felt like a velvet box, flat with a side that seal of “PVCN”

Imitation Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      Mimeographed paper box that you’ll feel too smooth, no texture and the color is not correct. The Ray Ban red logo does not centered.


2)      Glasses casing

Authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      They should have the standard Ray Ban stamping outside and the bright red lining inside the casing. There will be no bubble formation inside or out.

Imitation Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      You can see bubble formation, the standard Ray ban stamping color would be brown, yellow or some even khaki color. Their Italian printed wrong and sometime you can even see Pin yin


3)       The Glasses cleaning cloth

Authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      The cleaning cloth should silk and it should be grey in color and square in shape with an independent plastic bag and a rectangular red Ray ban logo on it.

 Imitation Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      The cleaning cloth with white, pink, yellow etc.


4)      Manual Book

Authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      21 languages printed in the manual book and there will be this “printed in Italy by Grafiche Bronca” word

Imitation Ray Ban Sunglasses:

–      No manual book. Only 1 language is printed in the manual book or they are using normal A4 paper to create the manual book

 5)      Foil

Check the glittering of the stamping. All Ray ban glasses should have a stamping foil and the round and rectangular foil should be represent that the glasses is with polarized lens. A much simple way to identify is take out and check the foil behind. It should be the silver gray aluminum color and it’s not black or dark brown color.

6)      Nose pad

They use to have Ray ban printed on the nose pad but Ray ban had already change it to a white metal and engraved the RB word now (Except for the old modals)

7)      The glasses arm

This is the easiest way to identify the authentic or imitation of the Ray Ban sunglasses. The authentic Ray ban sunglasses information should be carved on the arms and not printed. RB 3025 is the most easiest to indentify as the arms of the glasses is so thin that the imitation usually can’t print the words nor the correct words in a fine smooth fonts

 8)      The bridge of the both lenses


9)      The Glasses Lens

The color of the lens should not fade away easily or change of color even under long period of sunrays. They are really durable.  The authentic ray ban glasses lens can keep your eyes cool, protect your eyes form UV rays and provides clarity. The imitation Ray ban sunglasses normally use plastic lens or lenses that the color would fade away easily. These bad lenses might cause dizziness, headache and sometime might feel like vomitting.