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Here at Occhialis.com we believed in the flare of designs in sunglasses and eyeglasses as it serves as the window to your beautiful eyes. We have many eyeglasses and sunglasses that are suitable for every individual. Be it branded or non-branded we have the right choice for you here at Occhialis.com. We believe in money saving thus always offering the best online deal.

We have our product updated so frequently to keep up with the fashion tide. Our easy to navigate and state of the art system makes purchasing at Occhialis.com as easy and smooth as possible. It makes no different buying at our online store then to purchase in a store. All you really need to do is to choose your favorite frame and color, and well you are good to go.

Occhialis.com had come a long way in the industry from manufacturing to wholesale and now retailing. We can be dated back ever since the strong foundation in 2006. We believe this is just the beginning. Our promise will ever remain same, customer priorities regardless of how far and big we grow. Additionally we will never stop the perfection of our customer service in our growth and development.

Let us know , if there is anything that you would like us to improve, we believe together we can make it online shopping experience at Occhialis.com for eyeglasses and sunglasses a better and safer place. Do contact us whenever and wherever you need professional view or expertise regarding eye manner. Our friendly staff is always here to assist you and try to respond within 24 hours.
Remember we love your feedback, requests and ideas!
The Occhialis Vision

Occhialis.com corporate culture is fast and efficiency. You will have a great relief and pleasure ordering at Occhialis.com. We have a strict system and procedures. We have our enough man power to have the goods send out daily thanks to our dedicated QA staffs that are well trained in inspecting all the glasses in careful way during delivery. We are a customer orientated company, we make you our main priority. Our staff is always giving their 101% professional services.

Quality Eyewear – Affordable Prices

Our offering of sunglasses and eyeglasses lens and coatings are of highest quality and we are very proud of it. Every eyeglass has to go through strict quality control procedures. The standards we offer are extremely high. The lenses are then shaped to fit in by our qualified optical dispensers. Lastly it will be inspect by our quality control test.

Our mission is to be the leader in providing the quality eyeglasses at best price. Due to fact that we are a A-Z manufacturing to end user company, we are able to give a good deal not only United States but worldwide. Needless to say, you can see that our price is always more than 50% of what is offered in most retail optical chains.

Many retail chains have to overcharge due economy factors including rental at high traffic areas, staffing and etcetera. This is where we come in as a niche offering quality, reliable, and professional services at a great pricing. Some of our glasses frames are up for sale at 90% off normal retail store prices. No hidden cost or what so ever, just decent profit and pass on to you at fantastic prices.
Integrated International Service Center

Our goods are delivered globally 101 countries. Our supply and distribution chains are very stable as we are using Fedex as our main sender. We have the latest models at unbeatable prices plus our dedicated staff and finally superior international logistics centers to deliver it to your door steps!

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