All About Chanel Sunglasses

In 1999, The house of Chanel partnership with Italian eyewear producer Luxottica, introduced its first line of eyewear and eyeglass frames. It doesn’t matter that the designer had passed away twenty-eight years ago; her legacy remains as founder of one of the most prominent and revered brands in the world
Chanel once described luxury as “the necessity where necessity ends.” In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, you will be hard-pressed to find a celebrity brave enough to be seen without a pair of sunglasses, be they Coco Chanel sunglasses or another. A chic pair of shades can, in and of themselves, make a statement. One only needs to look at Jackie O, one of the first celebrities to begin wearing fashionable over-sized sunglasses – a trend that has continued to this day – to understand the impact of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are no longer about protecting your eyes. They’re about completing a style, finishing a look, and setting oneself apart from the crowd. Hiding behind shades might give off an air of mystery, but they no doubt reveal much more about your personality than you might think. From Mirrorshades and Aviators, to Wayfarers and Glaciers, there are sunglasses for every personality type. Heck, even the Roman emperor Nero used to prefer watching gladiator fights through polished emeralds – his own early version of sunglasses.

While buying your own pair– no matter which Sex and the City girl you most identify with – will run you into the hundreds of dollars, many aficionados and die-hard Chanel fans consider it a necessary investment, just as Coco once said herself. After all, with the enormous staying power that the brand has demonstrated in the near century that it has been in existence, and the House of Chanel’s continuous penchant for innovation under the direction of Lagerfeld, it seems unlikely that any pair you choose to invest in will go out of style any time soon.

Just make sure you don’t let them out of your sight; even the most refined and polite of girls has been known to turn into a greedy fiend at the sight of a pair of Coco Chanel sunglasses.


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