Ray Ban is the iconic brand

When it comes to iconic brands Ray Ban, founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, has to be up there amongst the greatest. Ray Ban gets my vote every time! Ray Ban have created two key iconic styles that I will introduce in this article, first of all the Aviator, made famous by Top Gun and Apocalypse Now aviators have to be the most widely in-demand sunglasses the world over, sure fakes can be obtained for next to nothing, but what is the point in faking?

Next the Wayfarer, a favorite of mine, launched in 1952 and revived during the eighties with colorful thick frames, they seem to have been revived in recent years and I am glad they have. Ray Ban sunglasses are not only fashionable they are built to last! Constructed from durable and scratch resistant materials they are clearly an investment that will last for years. In this article I will focus upon the Aviator and Wayfarer detailing their style and origins including the iconic shots that made them famous.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban broke the mould with the Wayfarer, quite literally, when in 1952 they broke away from the ‘classic’ metal framed glasses of the past and created the first tough plastic sunglasses. Unfortunately popularity for the Wayfarers declined during the 70’s but made a comeback in the early 1980’s due to product placement in films such as the iconic Blues Brothers released in 1980 (pictured) along with re-mastering the style in bright and creative colours, but not forgetting the classic black of course. Argued as best selling in history, the Wayfarers, have since made a second dramatic comeback during the 2000’s and are currently the must have fashion accessory, this is clear in the images below. I personally am a big fan of this style and an grateful of the realistic price tag.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

The name ‘aviator’ actually came from the shape of the lens, which is very similar to that of flying goggles that Ray Ban sold to the US Army. They were ideal for pilots due to the reflective surface applied to the teardrop lens. There are numerous reference to the military using the aviator however none more iconic than Douglas MacArthur who wore them when he landed on a Philippine beach during WW2. The aviator became truly famous following numerous celebrity endorsements for example Michael Jackson and of course Tom Cruise, who wore them throughout the iconic ‘Top Gun’ (pictured) released in 1986. Unlike many other fashion trends Ray Ban Aviators have survived time rather well, they have been ever popular the world over and are still seen sported my many celebrities and still the police, military and pilots.

To Conclude . . .

I think that it goes without saying that Ray Ban as a brand is defined not only by the exceptional quality of its products but also in the way it presents itself commercially in advertising and quality product placement.

Amazon is home to a huge selection of quality sunglasses from brands such as Ray Ban, Oakleys and Carrera to name just a few.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this rather colourful article, do you own a pair of Ray Ban’s or is there a particular pair on your wish list? Be sure to leave a comment below with your opinion of Ray Ban and its products.