Why Marc Jacobs?

Sunglasses help serve two purposes: first, to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and second, to glamour up your style quotient. Marc Jacobs sunglasses help serve both these purposes in the most stylish way. The eyewear collection premiered in fall 2004 and was launched in 2005. In such a short time it has become one of the most enviable brands. Marc Jacobs started his career in 1987 and due to his highly innovative and creative work he was conferred the distinct Honor of being the youngest designer ever to be awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent.

Marc Jacobs was born in the year 1963 in the city of New York. There was always a factor that ran through his family, which is fashion. It had been a family profession as well as passion. Thus fashion played a vital role in his life. Jacobs studied at a well renowned high school of art and design, and then later on went to the Parson school of design. He started his career as a designer with a design of hand knitted jumpers for the Charivari stores, after which he opened his very first store in New York City.

Marc Jacob sunglasses are unique, sophisticated and are crafted with utmost finesse. They are made from high quality frames and lenses that ensure 100% UV protection. MMJ sunglasses are also known as one of the durable designer sunglasses due to the high quality materials used in manufacturing and at the same time feature the best of designing. One can find an array of extremely chic styles, from classic to contemporary. They come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors to lure the customer. The key traits of the fashionable sunglasses are its unique sense of fusing contemporary with the classic style which gives it a completely new and modern look. This fusion of sorts creates a futuristic look, which the designer brand is much known for. The luxury brand caters to me and one can also find a range of unisex sunglasses. Apart from the mens and women’s collection, one can also find a varied unisex collection range.

The key features of marc Jacobs sunglasses are its fusion styling with something of a past styling touch mixed up with a bit of modern uniqueness. A Marc Jacob sunglass comes for men and women both. It also comes with a wide range of unisex frames and presently the ongoing fashion is just awesome and special. The styling of the glasses varies a lot, keeping into consideration that it is been able to meet and satisfy the taste and preferences of different individuals. Marc Jacobs offers a wide range of colors, e.g. vivid blue, red white and many more. These color variations and funky looks give a really pop up outlook to an individual enhancing personality greatly. The blue toned sunglasses frames are the best to put into use on a day to day use; at the same time maintains the style statement. This is just because of its fusion styling ingredients.

Buying sunglasses is not just a matter of protecting your eyes from several hazards; but a proper glass can display a good styling statement. Thus while going for a branded pair of glasses you should look for those which is stylish as well as reveals you true personality.But there are some who prefer wearing the same models that are worn by their favorite celebrities. But on the whole Marc Jacob sunglasses make a great deal difference in terms of personality and style.


Prada Sunglasses

Prada was established in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan and was reintroduced into the global scene by Miuccia Prada who is Mario Prada daughters, and ever since then the Prada has become a more iconic brand which established in the mind of people across the nation.

Prada sunglasses are known as one of the high on glam quotient and equally trendier.  The result of years of research and commitment to produce best quality sunglasses, Prada always ensure that the art if technology produces sunglasses capable of providing about 100% UV radiation protection to the eyes.

Prada also come with a variety of choice for both sexes, Prada is a brand to opt for when the question is of making your presence felt. It is definitely one of the best selling and most sought in the fashion world.

Every Season, Prada will launch its latest line up of differently style Prada frames that boast of avant grade looks. The styles are sometimes unisex, while it also has separate collection targeted at men and women, college kids and for informal wear

You will find Prada frames to complement every outfit of yours. The sporty Prada shades go well with casual wear and sportswear, the beach wear collection is perfect for the beach bum look or for a bikini bombshell. The more formal looking Prada frames are ideal accessories for power dressing in the boardroom and they perfectly complement your business suit

If you’re considering buying Prada sunglasses, it’s important that you realize that contrary to popular opinion, Prada is not just about Fashion. Although their up to the minutes styles and trailblazing lines have graced runways and Catwalks all over the world for innovation and sophistication – this is not all that Prada promises. They also offer a wide range of ready to wear styles for the average Joe, as well as a wide range of glamorous accessories, such as the Prada sunglasses lines.