Ray ban Kids

Are you the kind of parent that doesn’t skimp on your child’s clothes? You make sure that your kid has the best in everything, from clothing to the best made toys, the best shoes and the best education. If you’re that kind of parent, then I hope you are equally concerned about making sure that your child’s eyes are protected by nothing but the best brands.

There are so few children’s sunglasses out there! Presumably because they grow out of them so quickly. Unfortunately, children’s eyes are one of those things you must always be conscious of protecting. Their young, delicate eyes must be protected from the sun! With that in mind, Ray Ban actually comes out with the range of junior sunglasses taking the most popular adult styles and bringing them down to kid sizes. They’ve got all the best in eyewear,. Kid’s sunglasses are really something that are overlooked, but a good parent makes sure that their kids won’t ever get permanent damage to their eyes because they’ll make sure their sensitive senses are covered! Get your kid’s their Ray-Ban Kid’s sunglasses

No eyewear has been as much imitated in styling and has sold as many as the Ray Ban. The amazing thing is, the Ray Bans top-selling designs have been around for close to 70 years but are still selling and being worn today. There are several reasons for this. Ray Ban sunglasses are quality eyewear. It stands for exceptional value, classic style and excellent if not lucky market exposure. It is not often that something that is worn by the father can still be in fashion today with the son. An amazing feat that Ray Ban eyewear would not have accomplished if it does look so good and work so well.

Ray Ban is one of only a handful of major designer brands to offer a separate Junior/Children’s line of eyewear. It’s possible sometimes to fit children in adult frames by ordering smaller frame sizes, but it can be tricky. Many of the adult styles are simply proportioned differently, so going down a few sizes (provided you can) doesn’t necessarily translate into a fit that works on a child or ‘Teen’s face.

What we liked about the Ray-Ban Junior line is that it features styles and sizes that are designed from the ground up to fit children, ‘Teens and even adults with smaller, delicate features and facial structures.

There is definitely a niche that these frames filled among our patients and clients, so we made the decision to bring them in as part of our current eyewear collection expansion. The first day we put them out, we sold a black frame to an adult with a smaller face. So it looks like our hunch was right that they would appeal to both kids and grown-ups.


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