Big Fan of Ray Ban Sunglasses!? How Much Do You Know About Ray Ban Sunglasses?

Ray ban sunglasses have been around since the 1930s. The optical firm Bausch and Lomb launched the first Ray-ban sunglasses – antiglare aviator sunglasses on 1936. They were the first to use polarized technology by Edwin H. Land who is the founder of Poloraid Corporation.

Most of the Ray-ban sunglasses are made of carbon fiber which is the best quality of material in the eyewear technology. The frames are light and strong at the same time it is also flexible and comfort to wear. in 1940’s, Ray-ban was hired to develop glasses by the US air force for the pilots, as their glasses curved is able to protect the eyes from every angle for optical protection from the sun.

Soon the Aviator glasses become popular in other US military as well when General Douglas MacArthur was spotted landing on a beach in the Philippines during World War 2. He was wearing one of the Ray-ban aviator sunglasses. Due to the oblique teardrop shape which matched of the smoked-lens flying goggles which selling to the Army and Navy, the glasses was given the name of Aviator.

At the 60’s onward, Celebrities like Miami Vice’s Don Johnson, The Blue Brothers, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brad pitt, Tom cruise etc are wearing it was like a promoter. Ray ban got more attention on it and the public start loving it too. Ray ban remained their top seller Aviator sunglasses for decades but they also came out with some other modal as well.

And now, Ray-ban sunglasses are not just something to protect your eyes but it is also a fashion must in this generation.


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