What’s So Great About Ray Ban Sunglasses?

Ray Ban, the first reaction of many people is that it is a brand of sunglasses. However, people can also find RayBan glasses. The fact is that RayBan glasses are the first products, and the sunglasses line is much younger that eyeglasses. In the 1930s, the Ray Ban eyeglasses came into being. Almost 20 years later, in order to cater for the need of aviators, Ray Ban adjusted its major business from Ray Ban eyeglasses to sunglasses. But Ray Ban glasses line was still kept.

Ray Ban eyeglasses are now the most fascinating glasses in US. Just because of their long history, a pair of RayBan glasses can help the old to reminisce and the young to enjoy the current fashion.

Just for their long history, Ray Ban glasses have perfected their techniques and maintained its high quality. Wearers almost can not be able to find and technical problems on RayBan glasses. On the contrary, they just entrusted with them. People will consider Ray Ban eyeglasses as their first choice. For example, in the RayBan glasses line, Ray Ban RX prescription eyeglasses are considered as American classics. And even now, many people have special passion for them.

Ray Ban eyeglasses have another typical featurethey have flex frames. This is different from other glasses. When optometrists suggest people take off glasses by two hands, for by one hand many damage the frame. Nonetheless, wearers of RayBan glasses need not to worry about this. Because Ray Ban glasses have flex frames, which are so elastic that they will not be deformed.

Additionally, Ray Ban glasses have logos on their arms. Just from their appearances, one can immediately tell Ray Ban glasses from other glasses, for their logos are embodiment of elegance. Moreover, the logos can help people buy authentic RayBan glasses, for the market is abundant with fake glasses.


Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses vs Non Polarized

Ray Ban sunglasses are available in both a polarized and a non-polarized variety. They price are normally about $40 less expensive than their polarized counterparts, most people will immediately opt for non-polarized. I urge you to consider spending the extra , however, on a product with which you’ll be much happier. It is important to note that while a retailer may claim that they are selling you polarized lenses, you should be weary of very low prices on “polarization”. It costs a manufacturer more to produce polarized lenses than non-polarized ones, and so only makes sense that the manufacturer should charge customers more for polarized ones. I suggest that when shopping for sunglasses, sure quality take precedence over a bargain.

What Makes Polarized Lenses Different?

The main difference is this: regular, non-polarized sunglasses rely only on shaded lenses to block intense light. But glare resulting from light that is reflected off flat surfaces can get past regular shades. Polarized sunglasses, on the other hand, are specifically designed to block glare from reflected light.

“Polarized lenses reduce glare created by the sun’s reflection off horizontal planes”

Aside from their price disparity, polarized lenses differ from non-polarized lenses in one main way. Vertical “Polarizers” block transmission of horizontal light through polarized sunglass lenses. The result is that polarized lenses reduce glare created by the sun’s reflection off horizontal planes such as the hood of a car, the road, and water surfaces. The difference between the two types of lenses is quite apparent when you directly compare the two. To do so, hold both up to a sunny road or path; you’ll notice immediately that by reducing glare on the surface, the polarized lenses enable you to clearly distinguish between lines and textures.

“I’ve been noticeably more alert while driving on sunny days”

Most drivers have experienced road glare, a mirage on the road about 200 meters ahead of them that appears on sunny days. Ever since I started wearing polarized sunglasses, I’ve been noticeably more alert while driving on sunny days. The reason for my newfound attentiveness is that the sun no longer induces me to drowsiness. The sun’s glare on the hood of my car and the road ahead of me used to make me lethargic, especially when I would be driving in the direction of the sun.

While I find my polarized sunglasses to be the most beneficial when driving, I also appreciate the difference they make in my other outdoor activities. On relatively warm winter days, I choose to ski in my sunglasses rather than my ski goggles. I am not trying to look more stylish with this substitution; rather I am trying to eliminate glare from the snow. I feel more comfortable on a new ski slope when wearing polarized lenses, because I am able to discern all surfaces that I can see.

“I suggest taking your investment a step further to polarization – your eyes will surely thank you”

If you plan to spend any time outside this spring and summer, it is certainly important that you protect your eyes with sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses will cut down on harmful UV rays, and reduce strain that the sun puts on your eyes on clear days. I suggest taking your investment a step further to polarization – your eyes will surely thank you.

Big Fan of Ray Ban Sunglasses!? How Much Do You Know About Ray Ban Sunglasses?

Ray ban sunglasses have been around since the 1930s. The optical firm Bausch and Lomb launched the first Ray-ban sunglasses – antiglare aviator sunglasses on 1936. They were the first to use polarized technology by Edwin H. Land who is the founder of Poloraid Corporation.

Most of the Ray-ban sunglasses are made of carbon fiber which is the best quality of material in the eyewear technology. The frames are light and strong at the same time it is also flexible and comfort to wear. in 1940’s, Ray-ban was hired to develop glasses by the US air force for the pilots, as their glasses curved is able to protect the eyes from every angle for optical protection from the sun.

Soon the Aviator glasses become popular in other US military as well when General Douglas MacArthur was spotted landing on a beach in the Philippines during World War 2. He was wearing one of the Ray-ban aviator sunglasses. Due to the oblique teardrop shape which matched of the smoked-lens flying goggles which selling to the Army and Navy, the glasses was given the name of Aviator.

At the 60’s onward, Celebrities like Miami Vice’s Don Johnson, The Blue Brothers, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brad pitt, Tom cruise etc are wearing it was like a promoter. Ray ban got more attention on it and the public start loving it too. Ray ban remained their top seller Aviator sunglasses for decades but they also came out with some other modal as well.

And now, Ray-ban sunglasses are not just something to protect your eyes but it is also a fashion must in this generation.

Want to know more about Chanel Sunglasses

In 1999, The house of Chanel partnership with Italian eyewear producer Luxottica, introduced its first line of eyewear and eyeglass frames. It doesn’t matter that the designer had passed away twenty-eight years ago; her legacy remains as founder of one of the most prominent and revered brands in the world

Chanel once described luxury as “the necessity where necessity ends.” In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, you will be hard-pressed to find a celebrity brave enough to be seen without a pair of sunglasses, be they Coco Chanel sunglasses or another. A chic pair of shades can, in and of themselves, make a statement. One only needs to look at Jackie O, one of the first celebrities to begin wearing fashionable over-sized sunglasses – a trend that has continued to this day – to understand the impact of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are no longer about protecting your eyes. They’re about completing a style, finishing a look, and setting oneself apart from the crowd. Hiding behind shades might give off an air of mystery, but they no doubt reveal much more about your personality than you might think. From Mirrorshades and Aviators, to Wayfarers and Glaciers, there are sunglasses for every personality type. Heck, even the Roman emperor Nero used to prefer watching gladiator fights through polished emeralds – his own early version of sunglasses.

While buying your own pair– no matter which Sex and the City girl you most identify with – will run you into the hundreds of dollars, many aficionados and die-hard Chanel fans consider it a necessary investment, just as Coco once said herself. After all, with the enormous staying power that the brand has demonstrated in the near century that it has been in existence, and the House of Chanel’s continuous penchant for innovation under the direction of Lagerfeld, it seems unlikely that any pair you choose to invest in will go out of style any time soon.

Just make sure you don’t let them out of your sight; even the most refined and polite of girls has been known to turn into a greedy fiend at the sight of a pair of Coco Chanel sunglasses.