Am I getting a authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses or a imitation?

Am I getting a authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses or a imitation? Here are a few tips on How you spot the Fake Ray ban sunglasses.

With a little experience, it’s not that difficult to tell fake Ray Ban sunglasses from the real thing. Holding a pair in your hand, assess the texture, fit and build of the supposed Ray Ban sunglasses. In other words, if they don’t look like they’re made to the highest standards, from the finest materials in the world, then they are not the authentic Ray Bans.

Take a look at the Authenticity Card. Ray Ban does not skimp on this either; if it’s not printed on the best card stock, using the best printing equipment, and if it’s not free from typos and grammatical errors, you’ve got a fake pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and not the real thing. the Warranties card has a quality print job, with very dark black inks, and stiff glossy card stock that’s precision cut and folded.

The authentic Real Ray Ban sunglasses will have the “RB” logo etched into the side of the frames, instead of painted, though recent fakes have featured a sloppy etched logo, so look out. The nose pads should feature the interlocking “RB” logo, not the words “Ray Ban.” If the logo on the nose pads is not the interlocking style, you’ve got a fake.

next check the rubber quality. All of the rubber components, including frame covers, should incorporate chalky, high quality rubber – not slimy, stiff, or slick, cheap-looking rubber. The Soft Case of rayban will have fur lined – cases, but  Even the fakes have fur lined-cases now, so look out. The gold Luxottica logo on the case should be sharp and clean; anything less, and it’s not an authentic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

The gray/silver box should have a distribution sticker with a barcode, the distributor’s name, model number, frame number, dimension, and lens type. This sticker is semi-permanent, and can be easily removed. If this sticky doesn’t exist on your Ray Ban box, you’ve got a fake pair of sunglasses. Also, the genuine Ray Ban outer box should have a recycling logo on it.  The cleaning cloth  will be made of the finest materials, with a print job of the finest quality.

The easiest way to assure you’ve got a authentic pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses? Purchase your Ray Bans from the local Ray Ban boutique or a online store which has been around for many years with great review.


My topic of the day – Tom Ford

I’ve been amaze by Tom Ford idea on how he brings out another side of the fashion world to the public. His ad campaigns and idea is always unique and daring. Even he has been widely criticized but still he hasn’t changed much. His marketing campaign is always different then other advert that we saw which is similar to each other.

Tom Ford talent is undeniable and it has been appreciated by the public as you can see his outrageous design and the way he promotes his work is fantastic. Check out Tom Ford Eyewear and Tom Ford Sunglasses Ad campaign below.

Tom Ford Fall 2010 / 2011 Ad Campaign

The photo shoot look fantastic and the glasses look pretty and perfect eh? Check out more for their collection below

Tom Ford Spring 2010 Ad Campaign

Tom Ford came out with an unusual and pretty eyewear collection for The Spring – summer 2010. The male model Nicholas Hoult is all about tuxedos, bowties and white shirts and the female model Carolyn Murphy is nothing but only make up and sunglasses.

All about Police Sunglasses

The eyewear giant De Rigo launched the police sunglasses on year 1980.Police sunglasses is the first branded collection of police sunglasses. The brand derived its name by being inspired by the design of the glasses.

When you refer glasses that with mirror lens, it’ll also referred to Police sunglasses as the glasses gained immense popularity among police officials. A police sunglass uses a special mirror coating on the lens so that the lens looks like a mirror.  The coating not only can make a special effect or the lens it can also further blocks the light from reaching the users eye and hence can be used while working in all climatic conditions.

The police style that launched to the market is always been sporty with casual edge which represents the typical Italian look. The frames designed to suit and flatter a wide range of face shapes. Most of the Police sunglasses are design to be unisex and hence they look great on both men and women.

Originally Police sunglasses is only targeting male customer but base on the growing popularity and appreciation among men and women, it has encouraged the company to launch its product for women also. However, Police sunglasses for women are not too women like and therefore it can go well with ladies who enjoy the tom boyish look.

Police gear manufacturers offer Police sunglasses that have been specially modified for police use. Some of the special features used in Police sunglass like lightweight, shatter proof, extra thick polycarbonate lens, low drag frame and provision for interchangeable lens make them very popular. Apart from this, the anti fragmentation sunglass with rugged frames have been made considering fashion trends of its users.