What you need to know about Cartier sunglasses.

Cartier started their business on 1847 in France. Cartier is famous of their luxury watch and jewelry. They are also famous of making leather goods, fragrance and accessories. They are often describing as “the Jeweler of Kings, and the king of jewelers”. On 1974, Alfred Cartier (Cartier’s son) who is the one to took control of the company and Pierre and Jacques who are the one that established it to the world wide brand name it is known as today.

Since 1968 Cartier came out with their truly jewelry for the human face which is the Cartier sunglasses and Cartier eyeglasses. They are some of the most expensive designer glasses in town ever since,  as their glasses are uniquely design and can never find a similarity between two different pieces of the glasses.

Their glasses is normally design into rectangular and butterfly shapes. Each of the glasses will engraved with a unique serial number on the temple of the glasses. This is one of the way they certified that the glasses is authentic. 

Cartier Glasses are perfect combination of function and superior style. They also have great choices of frames for men as well as women.  They are stylish and yet are not those that attract a lot of attention.

Cartier has established branches in the most of the cosmopolitan cities worldwide and it is also available on the online store. It’s much easier for the public to purchase them now.


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